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Unique cymbals in the World from Turkish!
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Making cymbal is a passion for us!

Our cymbals are all hand made and hand hammered and we use B-20 metal. Ever since the company has been established, our unchanged principle is to maintain a high quality and let the drummers all over the world play our cymbals with great pleasure and joy. Thanks to all the users that it has been the case.

In addition to high quality we also offer good prices so that people who doesn’t have to pay a fortune for cymbal produced by the big names. Now they are happy and sale figures proves that our cymbals are being appreciated by a large number of drummers.

Making cymbal is a passion for us. It will remain being like that. We will continue making them by hand and we don’t approve using machines for that. Cymbal making is an art and machines should not be used to destroy it.

If you want change the form play your music, you need buy Diril Cymbals. 

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Hand made Production



• The Casting

We select the quality products that makes the great sound at the cymbals.

• At the Oven

We heat the product evenly for an excellent result.

• Lathing Process

It's one of our most important processes where we are already giving shape to the instrument that will highlight you when you play.

• Hammering Process

The hammering is the final touch that Real Sound makes in Diril. It's the part of our production where we put the passion.